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All about jewelry connectors

The connectors are also essential for creating a large number of jewelry: necklaces, necklaces, bracelets, earrings or any other jewel with elements to attach between them.

The connector, which can be in various forms. It is placed to connect, for example, Two sections of chain. It also allows to connect both ends of a wire, cable or cord.

Apart from its link role between two parts of the jewel, the connector, which has also an aesthetic form, becomes an element decorative on this one.

How are the jewelry connectors?

To adapt to all your creative jewel ideas, you can find a wide range of connectors of any kind and adapted to your creative needs.

For example, the rings comes in several sizes and finishes. Find exactly what you need is so easy.

Here are the basic connectors, pretty, and very practical:

  • classic rings, diameter of 10 to 31 mm, depending on the models;
  • drop-shaped rings, 44 mm long;
  • tubes, from 22 to 30 mm;
  • arrows, long 43 minutes;
  • barrettes, long 25 mm;
  • flat connectors for rod bracelet, different sizes;
  • and oval twisted dishes of 17 mm long



Silver ring, 25 mm in diameter




Twisted oval connector, 17 mm long

The connector coffee bean is very elegant. It brings fun on a cord of bracelet or neck ras. Some primers and accessories and you will get a nice jewel!

Also let yourself be seduced by our other connectors, perfect for bringing more fantasy to your creation:

  • flowers, 9 mm;
  • rectangular connectors, 29 mm long;
  • twisted rings of different diameters;
  • small connector set with a facet glass of 10.5 to 16 mm in diameter depending on the model;
  • Long connector set with faceted glass, 28 mm long; • flat oval arabesque, 12 mm long;
  • platinum connector of geometric shape, 17 mm in diameter; • coffee grain, 15 mm long;
  • and seashell, 11 mm long.

Want more choices again?

The girlfriend's haberdashery invites you to discover all its other specific connectors in the "Jewelry creations" section.



Flat oval arabesque, 12 mm long




Seri green blue faceted glass, 15 mm in diameter


Which connectors use for my necklaces and necklaces?

To connect the different parts of your necklace or necklace, you can use round rings or other shape. They offer a great choice of creative possibilities. For example, you can:

Create a pendant

After fixing a small junction ring on a larger ring (to put on a string, cord or wire), the largest ring can be used as a support to create a pendant.

You then set up small junction rings that you can drag sections from Silver chain several sizes, for example.

Then use according to your desires with pearls, mini pendants, mini pompoms but also mini charms.

Think also with feather pendants still suitable for such jewels.

You will find all this easily in the girlfriend's haberdashery!

Silver ring 31 mm


Jewelry connector


Silver feather pendant


Make a necklace or necklace

The Round crimped connectors with faceted glass are pretty, sparkling and presented in a range of cool colors.

You can easily marry them to a golden link chain , the same color as your crimps.

Then all you need is a clasp or a junction rings or a chain fastener to see small sections of chain of the same size, and connectors set the same diameter to create a truly charming custom necklace or jumper!



Grey glass round cried-10.5 mm connector

Connector crimped round peach glass diam 10.5 mm



Golden link chain x 1 m


Which connectors to choose for my bracelets?

Connectors Arrows are commonly used for bracelets.

They can connect parts of it in a cord, for example, or in a chain.

The half-rush bar is very practical for bangle bracelets.

All it takes is 2 bars, a cord or a thin chain, charms, junction rings and a clasp to create a beautiful bracelet stylish and in tune with the times!



Silver mid-rush bar connectors for bangle x 2 bracelet.


What should I choose as an earring connector?

To make the earrings of your dreams, you can also opt for the Connectors set with faceted glass.

This type of connector is versatile and happily pairs with necklaces, necklaces, bracelets, and of course earrings.

You can also use it to create cute bag or laptop jewelry, to associate with chain, charms and charms.

For your loops, it is also possible to use connector tubes, simple or twisted rings, in the shape of a drop or some other shape that you like.

Add other primers such as clasps, crimped connectors with clear glass or enamel, and earring holders.

Also use chain sections, mini charms and other small or larger decorative elements for your creation.

The girlfriends' haberdashery has choices for all the little things you need, but also all the necessary tools.



Ring connectors form bronze drop, 44.5 mm long

Round crimped connector with sapphire blue faceted glass.

The haberdashery of girlfriends offers you beautiful collections to marry each other to make everything you want! If you have a question about an article or creative idea, please contact us via the contact form. Thank you.

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