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🚚 Delivery offered from 60 € purchase 🚚

What to do with jewelry primers?

You want to create fancy jewelery and want to know what you need to make these charming jewels? Do you have specific questions about the subject?

The girlfriend's haberdashery will give you the answers you need. We will also explain to you how to get the jewelry primers essential for your creations!

How to create a beautiful necklace on chain with its clasp?

To make a necklace very easily, you will need a channel (available on this site) to slip a pendant, a medal, or any other gem.

Once the creation is to your liking, you will need to set up connectors like junction rings for example, with a diameter adapted for the chosen clasp, which you will place at each end of the chain.

These will then host a clasp on one side and a chain tie from the other (carabiner clasp, or round).

Our suggestion to make a unique jewel :  

Chain Fantasy Silver Mesh Forçat 

Chain Fantasy Silver Mesh Forçat

Junction rings


What to put as clasp on a necklace or bracelet?

To open and close your jewelry, you can choose from clasp adapted.

There are different styles: carabiners, screw, hook, magnetic, t, among other things, so that you find exactly the one that suits your jewel creation.

Some suggestions for you :

Clasp round metal gold plated, 6 mm (lot of 5)

925 silver carabiner clasp


How to easily slide my pendant on the chain?

The beeli are absolutely essential elements to create a necklace with pendant.

The rod is passed into the hole of the pendant and allow the pendant (or a charm) to be slided on the chain.

Some ideas for your necklace creations with pendant :



Silver rack of 7 mm



Bronze borrel of 11 mm


How to make a bracelet?

The manufacture of a stylish bracelet is very simple and is done with several malicious jewelry primers, which you will easily find here.

The Bracelet brackets are offered in various forms to meet all your desires! Do you prefer bracelets made with a beautiful chain?

The girlfriend's haberdashery has a nice choice of channels of different styles, so that you easily find the one that suits your bracelet project!

And to ensure a secure closure of the jewel, the Cautton clasp with ring is both practical and discreet. It will finish with elegance all your creative ideas of string bracelet.

Some suggestions for making a rush or chain bracelet:





Pendant silver charm in the form of sheet



Chain 10 cm with pink opal stones, beige and gold

How to create a custom ring?

The Ring mounts Are really practical to create a beautiful ring in your image.

A tray or intended to accommodate fine pearls or other decorations, these supports will give you many creative ideas!

Make a ring, a necklace and a bracelet in the same identical tones and charms, and you will get a whole set of charm that will dress your neck, wrist and finger with a lot of class.

Some suggestions for sublime finger jewelry :

925 silver ring 

925 silver ring



Adjustable tray ring holder, bronze

How to create pretty personalized barrettes for my taste?

You will love these beautifulBarrette supports, if practical to retain your hair locks.

You can customize each bar very easily by ticking a cabochon (with a glue adapted to the stones), create a small pattern with very thin pearls or paste another small decoration.

The fine bar is also available in other colors, such as silver and black. Maybe you prefer the coming bars that help keep the hair in place when you make a bun?

The girlfriend's haberdashery thought of you and offers you his collection of barbed combs, to personalize according to your tastes and outfits!

Our range of Pep's full colors will help you vary your looks depending on your mood and clothes.

Some nice models to brighten your hairstyle :

Bronze bar holder, customization with a cabochon or other decoration

What primers do I need to create varied fantasy jewelry?

Outside clasps, connectors or brackets, you will need essential elements, such as crush beads, for example to slide on the wire or cable of the jewel and then crush to keep your pearls in place.

The nails and tips will also be very useful for creating your DIY jewelry.

Finally, for nicely finishing a necklace or bracelet, you will need to Nodes and caps, to put in place to hide the nodes of the wire, before laying the junction ring and the clasp.

Some needed primers for your creations :


Gold crush beads, diam 2 mm



Black Knot Cache

Want to discover even more possibilities for your jewelry creations?

To create beautiful jewelry, you must have a choice, that's why we offer a beautiful collection of Jewelry primers.

It offers you a significant range of primers indispensable to give life to all your desires, accessories, Swarovski crystals, pearls, and much more!

Whether you want to make a necklace, a bracelet, a ring or earrings, among other things, you will necessarily find your happiness here, in the girlfriend's haberdashery.

Our shop has everything you need to make a very large number of cheap fantasy jewelry and quality!

For your special needs or questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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