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What to do with jewelry tips?

The jewelry tips are well useful in the jewelry creation. Of different colors and shapes, they come finish a bracelet or a necklace with finesse and elegance. We teach you how to use them but also to choose them! Small zoom on all our models of jewelry tips.


Why use tips in jewelry creation?

Very often, the tips are used to finalize a jewel. They are used for the making of bracelets and necklaces, but also to set up pretty colorful pompoms. Some are discreet while others will highlight your jewel by their unbridled aesthetics. For sure, they are part of the indispensable for the creation of DIY jewelry.

Like nails, pearls to crush and The clasps, the jewelry are part of finishing primers. They come to bring a bit of originality to your creation while being very useful. For example, with a carabiner clasp the jewelry tip can serve as a fastener for your rocky bead bracelet.

How to place a claspbed on a bracelet or necklace?

As a general rule, there are 2 fastening systems for jewelry tips. Thanks to a simple flat clamp, the crowd tips are easy to handle. They are also called pinch.

There are also paste tips that are convenient for leather cords as for pompoms. No need to take your head, a little glue and the turn is played!

1. Crushing tips

Thetip is recommended for many types of wire. It will come finish with elegance a Liberty tape, leather or cotton bracelet. The thread is eased into the fastener, a flat clamp is then used to close all.

In order to get a careful job, first crush the first side of the attachment on the cord. Then crush the second side, which comes to the end beforelacked. After putting a tip at each end of your string, you can add a clasp using rings.

Note that the ribbon tips are much wider than those for cords. The principle, however, remains the same. It takes a flat clip to overwrite the fastener on the end of the bracelet.

2. Paste tips

Thetip is ideal for braided leather wire, tubular fishnet or rubber cord. No need for clip this time, but a little glue strong (or liquid school glue for young children).

Take the end of your cord in the hand and place a glue tip. Immediately after, insert the tip.

Let it dry for a few minutes before performing any other manipulation. 10 minutes of waiting at least. Then go to the other end before installing your clasp.

You have to know that the crimp They can also benefit from a touch of glue. And yes, why not? They will be able in this way to be hooked to your creation. During the glue, however, when it is necessary!

What are the different jewelry tips?

Depending on your creative project, you can opt for a classic tip or for a more original fastener. In order to help you in your choice, we have ranked finishing primers according to their use. So we will find 5 different tips.

1. Tips for cords

Cord tips


Tips for golden cords

Rather classic, thecord tip is easy to put. It attaches to most round threads. It may be to stick or pinch. Which allows many DIY creations!

You can choose the color of your fastener depending on your way of dressing. You can also create a complete adornment by combining the color of your cord, your earrings, your necklace and your bracelets.

2. Tips for ribbons

Tips for ribbons

More or less wide, theribbon Coming to settle on the jewel thanks to a claw system. These come to hang the ribbon that will no longer be able to escape! Liberty fabric, colorful ribbon or flowery printed, you can do very nice DIY jewelry by highlighting your ribbon!

3. Chain tips

Chain tips

To facilitate the closure of your metal chains, your gold chains and your rhinestone chains, thechain You will be very useful. The models differ depending on the chosen use. Thus, you can crimped tips on a single channel like on a rhinestone chain. Just choose the right attachment.

4. Cuff Tip


If you like imposing jewelry, thecuff can agree! Generally in the form of tubes, these fasteners may suit the ribbons. They come tie different chains and woven bracelets. They highlight your creation while sublimating it with refinement.

5. Pompom tip


To make pretty pompom jewelry, there are also Tippers for tassels. You can create keychains, pendants or very nice earrings. By choosing the color of your cotton thread, the golden metal, copper or silver will bring a little elegance to the realization. You can find half-moon tips or more classic tube tubs.

It should be noted that some tassel fasteners can be used as tips for wide cords. The spring tips bring a very design touch to your jewel while a smooth attachment will be more discreet. As for the pink tip, it offers a very girly aspect to your adornment! To each his jewel DIY ...

The jewelery So are both useful but also very decorative. Depending on the model chosen, they bring elegance or fantasy.

Available in many sizes but also in various colors, they will satisfy you during your DIY workshops. You offer your projects a trendy and personalized finish. It only remains to choose from our selection of jewelry tips DIY!

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