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🚚 Delivery offered from 60 € purchase 🚚

What to do with capsic cache?

The cache-knots offer aesthetics to your jewelry. They give a pretty finish to all your creations. By opting for the knot cache that corresponds to your work, you realize a unique jewel. This one will have nothing to envy to a jewel bought! What a pleasure to do one's own jewelry ... Happiness is increased when the creation is appreciated at its fair value! Never neglect the finishes of your jewelry.

Why use a knot-knot on DIY jewelry?

As the name suggests, the cache nodes allows hide the nodes realized when creating jewelry. In this way, your works of art will be perfect! You should know that some models have a ring, others a hook. This is convenient because it makes it possible to finish a necklace or a bracelet.

If you choose to make an expandable bracelet with elastic thread or an elegant necklace with a ball chain, you will find the knot cache that suits you! Like connectors and clasps, the caps are Finishing primer. Use them for the making of earrings, keychains or for the manufacture of a pretty ankle chain.

How to put a knot cache to his necklace or bracelet?

It's pretty simple to hang a knots with a jewel. With a flat clip, it is actually enough to gently close the primer on the created node. That's all ! However, there are certain subtleties to know according to the thread used.

1. knothecks with pearl to crush

You can choose to put a pearl to crush To start or finish your jewel. This tip is ideal for cable, leather cord or nylon wire. It will therefore be necessary to insert the pearl to crush on the wire and flatten with a crimping forceps.

Then place the knot cache on the wire, so that it encompasses the pearl when it is open. Close it with softness with a flat clip, then cut the thread that exceeds. The pearl to pinch is now hidden in the clasp. It's an elegant way to start a necklace!

2. Node cache on elastic thread

If you want to make a Expandable braceletyou can choose crush beads cache-knots. When closed, they take the appearance of a silver color pearl or gold color. When your bracelet is finished, make a double knot to close it.

On the created node, you can install the knot cache so that it encompasses the entire node. It is then enough to use a flat clamp to close the pearl. Finally, cut the thread that exceeds. Of course, you can choose this technique for a nylon thread or cotton thread.

3. Ball chain caps

It is also possible to put a cap, a clasp or a tip on a ball chain. In the same way as before, it is enough forencompass the chain ball with the knot cache and gently close. Which allows you to make multiple DIY projects. All you have to do is choose the color of your choice to embellish your creation!

Here is a small trick when the node tends to get out of the cap or knot cache. You can put some glue on the node so that it will remain tied. This is valid for all nodes cache models.

Used passion, glue is very useful in creating jewel. In this way, you are sure to have a top finish!

What are the different nodes and caps?

There are as many DIY projects for knots that there are different jewelry. That's why we offer you various models, to use according to your desires. Finishing caps, silver primers or tips with rings, find all our products for your future creations.

1. Pearls to crush "knot-knots"




The crush pearls are really ideal for the manufacture of extensible bracelets. They come from discreetly hiding the knot of your jewel while bringing a small aesthetic touch really nice. To make a color reminder with your other jewels, you can use Golden Nodes Cache Beads.

2. Caps for ball chain

Cache knots for ball chain

Thanks to their ring-shaped tip, the Ball chain caps will be useful for many jewels. You can connect the metal chain to a leather cord, an ear loop tie or a simple keychain. Of course, it is possible to use this primer on a different wire. It will then be suitable for large caliber yarns.

3. Clasps for ball chain

Clasps for Ball Chain

Whether you use it as a connector or as a clasp, this knot cache is advantageous in creating gem with chain. The Black clasps offer you a rather sober and very beautiful appearance. They can be used with many colors with red, yellow or gold.

4. Node cache with hook

Cache knots with ring

Thehook opening From the primer allows you to use it in multiple projects! The hook opens and closes, it can lock a bracelet like a necklace. It also places a carabiner clasp or a nice connector. Black, golden or silver knot cache, for what color are you going to crack?

5. Calottes with rings

Cache-knots with ring

There is no need to say, the Calottes with rings are themselves practical. They can be used to close a bracelet, while adding a suitable clasp on the other side of the jewel. Very aesthetic, these connectors are used for necklaces, earrings and other jewelry. It's up to you to make good use!

In summary, the nodes are regularly used primers in the DIY Jewelry. Before ordering, choose the size, color and model to make good use of it. Versatile, these ornaments can be used in your different creations. They will hide the unsightly node of your bracelets and necklaces, offering them a delicate and perfect finish!

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